Guts: The Anatomy of The Walking Dead (Dey Street Books, Oct. 3, 2017)


The Washington Post, Oct. 12, 2017: “Even if the undead don’t rise up soon, Vigna’s book still serves as a smart and entertaining ode to the show that brought back ‘a schlocky genre’ and turned it into a mainstream megahit.”

The Geeky Bibliophile Aug. 30, 2017: “It’s a must have for fans!”

Elite Daily Sept. 9, 2017: “If you can’t get enough of this creepy, gory series, the Wall Street Journal’s Walking Dead columnist gives you the inside scoop about the plot, characters, and more.”

Walking Dead Fan Site, Oct. 5, 2017: “‘Guts’ is an essential tool for any survivor of ‘The Walking Dead’ fandom.”


Undead Daily Sept. 20, 2017: “It’s a balanced look at what the show gets right, what it sometimes gets wrong, and what it is about the show that resonates so deeply with millions of people around the world.”

The Verge Sept. 28, 2017: “The book not only acts as a good way to read up on the show, but it’s also an examination of its fans and just why a depressing, nihilistic show has become so popular.”

The Age of Cryptocurrency (St. Martin’s Press, 2015)


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