‘Trekonomics,’ With Author Manu Saadia

IMG_1420This week I sat down with Manu Saadia, the author of “Trekonomics.” We had a great, wide-ranging talk, about Star Trek and the vision of the future laid out by Gene Roddenberry. We talked about the elements that contribute to the economics of the 23rd and 24th centuries, and we explored how many of those elements are either with us today, or exist in very nascent form.

It’s very surprising to find that nobody’s ever written a book about the economics of Star Trek before. You’d think somebody would have. What fascinating about it is that the path to the kind of world Roddenberry envisioned will have as much to do with economics and politics as technology.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Getting to a world where people work together, and racism and poverty is a thing of the past, may not be a question of technology, but rather politics. The tools will exist, the question is how will they be distributed. Ultimately, the question of whether our future looks like Star Trek or Terminator is less about the machines than it is about mankind. Have a listen. This was possibly my favorite podcast yet: Star Trek, economics, and even some bitcoin thrown in there, too.

By the way, that’s not exactly the bridge of the Enterprise in the picture up top, but it’s close. It’s from the exhibit at Star Trek: Mission, the convention at the Jacob Javits Center this past weekend. It was built by James Cawley and his team, a group that’s been making Star Trek fan films for about 15 years.


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