My iPhone Obsession

I have an iPhone. I use it. A lot. Definitely too much. I totally get this New York Mag rant from Kevin Roose:

Today, as you mayhave heard, is the iPhone’s fifth birthday. Five years ago today, eager fanboys lined up for miles outside of Apple stores, fawning and frothing and damn near trampling each other in order to get their hands on the product Steve Jobs promised was “revolutionary.” Since then, the iPhone has become a behemoth, a $100 billion annual revenue generator that has made Apple the world’s largest and most profitable tech company and enlisted hundreds of millions of people in the smartphone army.

It has also, quite possibly, ruined all of our lives.

If you’ve ever stood in a pod of five people, who are all talking to each at the same time as they’re playing on their phones, or, worse, talking to each other through their phones, you should read the piece. Then go talk a walk, without the phone.

It strikes a theme that I’m attacking in two short stories I’m writing, and plan to publish as a pair on Amazon. Big Brother and Cellphone Girl. I’ll post some excerpts here first. This is an experimental thing, I have self-published anything online like that, but I’m curious about the prospects.

We’ll see.

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